Our Story

Vin + Roo was founded by myself, Taylor, and was inspired by my two boys - Vincent and Roman. After I had my second son I knew I wanted to make a change in what I put on my children. I didn’t right away know what I wanted the end goal to be, I just knew we needed a change. Through Instagram I discovered a community of like-minded moms who shopped for their children with intention; to do more with less and understand the impact the clothing industry has on our environment. And here my passion began. I am a mom on a journey to demonstrate that the world changes one person at a time.

I teamed up with my sister, Dani, to pave the way for those who are mindful of the impact of fast fashion and provide them with a more deliberate path to the clothing they wear. By doing this we are able to instill in our kids, and yours, the power of fewer, better things. We create timeless and thoughtful pieces for boys and girls while keeping in mind that each child is unique.

We believe that substance and style do not have to be mutually exclusive; our style blends locally manufactured, natural fabrics with everlasting designs. With a focus on quality essentials for children, each piece is created to be mindful of the environment and playtime.